Here is the full list of the props offered on our Indiegogo campaign:


If you’re horror fans like us, you’ve always wanted to own an original prop that was used in a horror movie — like the ashtray in Creepshow (which, btw, appears in all five Creepshow vignettes) or actual slime from Ghostbusters.

SO, for one of our perks, we offer SCRATCH supporters some of the props that we actually used on the set! Tristan is offering up the props that had the most meaning in the plot, and you’ll receive them in a plastic EVIDENCE bag.

Disclaimer: These are props are for display purpose only. We aren’t responsible for their misuse.

Prop #1: The Infected Claw


Ok, let us tell you, this prop was a real pain to build. Tristan dusted off his biology degree – which otherwise wasn’t useful at all – to design this very weird animal claw. In the movie, the discovery of this claw sparks the infection that takes over the Old Zoo and will probably take over all of Los Angeles in SCRATCH II.  We can’t wait to have our savages scare the crap out of Angelenos as they take out their garbage.

This prop is made of REAL elk and alligator bones, and we attached to it the signature SCRATCH nails to form one really creepy claw. It’s as filthy and real as can be. Be prepared.

Prop #2: Charlie’s Sunglasses

Charlies_glasses copySCRATCH - SUNGLASSES MAYHEM


In the end of the first sequence of the movie, we see what’s happening to Charlie through his sunglasses, which were knocked off his head and thrown to the other side of the cage. Here’s a tip: Bad things happen to douchebags. Most of Shot 17 is taken from the perspective of Charlie’s sunglasses. It’s one of the coolest shots of the movie!

The glasses are mirror sunglasses, tinted, and splattered with dried stage blood.

Prop #3: The Nails of the infected


In SCRATCH, you can tell that a person has transformed into one of our savages when they grow a set of long, sharp, slimy, black nails. This was Tristan’s vision for the savages he created. Initially, he considered using your basic black, Halloween, Made-in-China, nails from eBay, but they just weren’t creepy enough. Well, nothing stops us at Les Petits Piments Production. Instead of settling for those generic nails, Tristan designed signature SCRATCH nails using 3D software during off hours at his day job. His laptop was almost smoking.


Thanks again to Tristan’s undergraduate degree in Biology – ok, maybe it wasn’t so useless after all – Tristan came up with this unique shape, and we had them 3D printed. We were super excited when the prototypes arrived in the mail. They were awesome!


Tristan sanded the 3D printings in his kitchen, gave them texture, made a mold with his own recipe, and then hand cast hundreds of these nails for our actors to wear when they transformed into savages.


(Note here in the background the tablecloth inspired the name of our production company, Les Petits Piments Production, which means The Little Peppers.)


Yup, a coffee vacuum container and a popsicle stick were needed to make the polyurethane plastic casts. On an indie film, you’ve got to use what you’ve got, right?

Savages_nails copy

It took a lot of tests to make sure we got it right, but look at them! They’re glorious.

We have 50 sets of 5 SCRATCH nails (one full claw) for our supporters. (Very Iinfected Person tier)

Prop #4: Sam’s Stake

Sams_stake copysamsstake

This prop is the actual stake our lead character, Samantha Steel (played by Daniele Watts), uses in her final attempt to stop “the scratch” in Shot 243.

It’s a thick wooden shard, still covered in dried stage blood!

Prop #5: Dave’s Club

Daves_stick copydavesclub

In Shot 208, Dave (played by Joe Martone) brandishes a stick like the monkey in 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is the very wooden stick that Dave used to take someone out. But you’ll have to watch SCRATCH to find out who.

Prop #6: The Ranger’s Tonfa


While a savage carries a wooden club, a brutish Park Ranger wields a tonfa. But, like prehistoric man, they use it just the same. This is probably the reason why no extraterrestrial intelligent life has ever attempted to contact us.

Tristan created this prop, which was used by Ranger Bowmann (played by Miles Cranford), by cutting down a shovel handle, painting it black, and pairing it with a U.S. Army club holster.

Prop #7: Sam’s Wrench

Sams_wrench copy


In her attempt to survive, Samantha had to defend herself with whatever she could get her hands on. In the climax sequence, she uses a monkey wrench as an improvised weapon. We’ve loved monkey wrenches ever since they were one of the weapons used in the game Clue. We also like axes and chainsaws, but we’ve saved them for SCRATCH II.

<img src=”http://www.scratchthemovie.com/core/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/madsam.gif”>

This prop is the actual wrench used on set by Samantha Steel (played by Daniele Watts) in Shot 223. It’s a rubber tool, tinted to look like metal, then covered in dried stage blood.

Prop #8: Louis’s Shoe

Louis_shoe copy

Everyone is still wondering, “What on earth happened to Louis?” when we get our biggest hint yet in Shot 185: It’s Louis’s shoe, mounted on top of a stick, and it appears to have been severely damaged.

Prop #9: The Ghost Biker’s Vest


Before Jack and Dave arrive at the Old Zoo to shoot the music video for Savage Resuscitation, Jack pulls over so Dave can double check the trunk while he films an extremely singular individual, aka The Ghost Biker, played by Brian James Lucas (aka Chef BeLive). Seeing this biker on the way to the Old Zoo is a really bad omen. I mean look at the back of his vest.

This is a vintage French Fireman’s leather jacket, on the back of which Tristan painted this ominous symbol.

Prop #10: The Infected Skull


This slime-streaked skull appears in the foreground inside of the cage in Shot 9. It should have been everyone’s first sign to RUNNNN!

It’s an actual 7″ coyote skull that was dressed with care by our director.

Prop #11: Sam’s FAR EASTERN Good Luck Pendant

Sams_pendant copysamspendant

In Shot 225, we take a moment to have a close look at the Japanese, maneki-neko (“beckoning cat”) pendant that Sam wears around her neck. It’s a Japanese symbol that is supposed to bring its owner good luck, but you’ll have to watch SCRATCH to find out if Sam’s pendant actually worked.

This prop is one of the many winks toward Tristan’s previous film, The Black Cat, that you can find in SCRATCH. Akilah actually selected this pendant because she pictured the cat saying, “Meower to the People.”

Prop #12: Louis’s Sunglasses

Louis_glasses copylouissunglasses

In the quest to find Louis, Jack finds another clue – Louis’s sunglasses. It was a very bad omen in a very awesome shot – Shot 173.

They are extremely tacky “West Chopper” sunglasses. We won’t say which one of the producers was actually, non-ironically, wearing these tacky glasses in real life until he or she was convinced to sacrifice them for the making of the movie…but Akilah wants you to know that it wasn’t her.

Prop #13: Sam’s Boombox

Sams_boombox copysamsboombox

Tristan really wanted an old school, 80s-style, boom box for nu metal band, Savage Resuscitation, to use when shooting their music video. It took us a few weeks to find it. Alas, here it is!

It’s super retro and pretty rusty, but the radio still works, and if you’re in L.A., we recommend KCRW.

Prop #14 & 15: Jack’s or Dave’s camera

Jacks_phone copydavesphonejacksphone

Unlike many – if not all – found footage movies, SCRATCH’s footage is taken against the will of the protagonists: The phones are strapped on their head and goes on recording whatever they see.

While the actual filming was done on a real iPhone6 that was worn on the director’s head, Jack and Dave (played by Chris Bound and Joe Martone, respectively) wore prop iPhone6s on screen. They’re props that look and feel like real iPhones.


Prop #16: Louis’s Bandana

Louis_bandana copylouisbandana

Louis’s adventure takes a wrong turn early in the story, leaving everyone wondering, “What happened to Louis?” Then Jack finds an unfortunate clue – Louis’s white bandana…covered with blood. Understandably, Jack freaks out!

This prop is the actual bandana used on set by Jack (played by Chris Bound) in Shot 174. It’s a white bandana still drenched with dried stage blood.

Prop #17: Charlie’s Frisbee

Charlies_frisbee copycharliesfrisbee

For their second date, Charlie brought Shela to the abandoned Old Zoo because he read an article saying it was a great place for a date. You can’t believe everything you read, kids! Charlie brought his frisbee, but sadly, he didn’t get to play with it, except for in Shot 4, when he pretends to spank Shela with it unbeknownst to her.

This is the douchebag’s frisbee. It’s a recycled plastic “CLIF” bar brand Frisbee.

Prop #18: Louis’s Bottle

Louis_bottle copylouisbeerbottle

Louis has a drinking problem, guys. He always carries a bottle of beer. And most of the time, that bottle is empty. At one point in the movie, while Louis is taking his luggage out of the trunk of Samantha’s car, a beer bottle falls out and shatters on the ground. This was a BIG production shot for us, but we’re not sending you glass shards. Later in the movie, Louis gets his hands on another bottle of beer. Then he tosses it out of the frame. That’s the one we’re offering up.

This prop is the actual beer bottle tossed out of the frame by Louis (played by Richard Roddy) in Shot 53. It’s an empty green Grolsch beer bottle. We drank it. Cleaned it thoroughly. Then dirtied it up again for the shot.

Prop #19: Sam’s Thermos


Sam could care less about what’s happening to Jack or anybody else. After all, she’s a rock star. (The world just doesn’t know it yet.) While everything else is in the zoo is going haywire, Sam decides to sit on a bench made out of a fallen tree and sip her favorite tea like the goth diva she is. This is the thermos Sam (played by Daniele Watts) used on set. It’s a bright red, 21 oz, stainless, vacuum insulated, hydro flask thermos.

Prop #20: Collection of Infected Bones


At ground zero of the infection, we discover this collection of unknown old bones. Probably the remains of a prequel to be shot in 2021!

Campaign launch

SCRATCH - Campaign launch

Today is the official launch of our indieGoGo campaign, there are cool perks for contributors. Please help us reach our goal of $10,000! Every little bit helps! Visit the campaign.

Charles Chudabala as Ted Holloway

SCRATCH Charles Chudabala 3

Ted is having an epiphany

Ted is the bassist of Savage Resuscitation. He looks extra silly when he dresses up in his bad boy/goth rock band outfit to perform. Right now, he is having serious stomach problem or just realized that he lost his phone…

Charles Chudabala is an indie horror enthusiast, putting his talent to the service of multiple productions. Ted character illustrates Charles capacity to act from extreme sweetness to totale viciousness.

Richard Roddy as Louis Johnson

SCRATCH the movie - Tristan Convert - Les Petits Piments Production

Louis would rather stay at home

Louis plays the guitar for Savage Resuscitation, a band that hired him from a Craigslist ad he posted one night while he was bored and high. He’s an awesome guitarist, but he’s emotionally detached from everything.

Richard Roddy‘s task was to create a character who seems uninterested by everything that happens around him. Barely speaking, when he does so, it’s to utter a definitive statement that sounds funny or offensive depending where you stand.

Joe Martone as Dave Podemski

Joe Martone as Dave Podemski - SCRATCH

Dave is ready to shoot

Dave is a Production Assistant for CBS News by day and a moderately ambitious Assistant Director by night. He is a nice guy who has a crush on Samantha which makes him quite nervous as he’s usually completely overlooked by girls.

Joe Martone‘s challenge was to create a character we all met: the nice but wounded guy. He succeeded with such authenticity that it feels like we actually really know Dave.

Chris Bound as Jack Duplan

Chris Bound as Jack Duplan - SCRATCH

Jack is documenting the shooting of his first music video

Jack is a would-be director with no real professional experience. Bored with his day job coding video games, Jack is shooting his first music video, which he needs to be great so he can use it to finally launch his dream filmmaking career.

Chris Bound delivers a subtle performance as you witness his character struggling to keep his sanity when everything around him falls apart.

The campaign is coming soon

SCRATCH Dave Martone iPhone

The Indiegogo campaign is about to be launched!

CLICK HERE to support SCRATCH – The new New Wave of filmmaking begins. We’re going to be launching a campaign here to finalize SCRATCH, the 1st iPhone footage horror film.

Danièle Watts as Samantha Steel

Danièle Watts as Samantha Steel in SCRATCH

Samantha is running for her life

Sam is smoking hot and a total diva. She’s the lead singer of the nu-metal band Savage Resuscitation. Right now, she’s running for her life and she might even make it.

Danièle Watts that you saw in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained reveals, once more, her talent in a role unlike anything she did before.

Editing the trailer

Anthelme Bizeul is editing SCRATCH trailer

Anthelme Bizeul is editing our first trailer for the crowdfunding campaign. Located in Marseille, Anthelme is a filmmaker, a TV documentary director and an editor. You can check his work on his Youtube channel.

Upcoming Fundraising campaign

We are excited to announce our upcoming crowdfunding campaign for the post-production of SCRATCH. Behold, we may benefit a financial sponsoring, which would allow all our supporters to write off their pledge as tax deductions.

We will be giving away unique perks, including props of the movie.

The campaign will start on the 8th of March, on Indiegogo. Stay tuned!

For those who missed the previous episodes

SCRATCH - the production team takes a short break

Our coprod Akilah Green posted on her blog her overview of SCRATCH’s shooting.

Check it out at: I’m making a movie.

That’s a wrap


And that’s a wrap! SCRATCH principal photography is done! Thank you cast and crew for your amazing work, for great performances and for an unforgettable experience. Post-production is officially starting now. Watch out for the first teaser…


SCRATCH shooting starts tomorrow, monday the 10th of August. Damien Berget our production assistant has joined us yesterday. We are ready to make a great movie with fantastic actors.


Tristan blocks a shot

Tristan is blocking a shot during one of the many scouting sessions we did to previsualize the movie. We are now just a few days before the shooting, ready to roll…

Table read

SCRATCH entire cast and production team

The full cast and the production team gathered for a table read. It was the greatest time with lots of fun and good mood. That’s the way we make movies at Les Petits Piments Production!

Clockwise starting from 8.00: Charles Chudabala, Jose Rosete, Katarina Waters, Richard Roddy, Tristan Convert, Akilah Green, Myles Cranford, Sébastien Bizeul, Chris Bound, Joe Martone, Danièle Watts.

Shooting schedule complete

Tristan & Sébastien in mug shot mode

Tristan Convert, director & Sébastien Bizeul, producer are done with the shooting schedule. .

Shooting schedule

Shooting schedule on post-it

The production team is hard at work on the shooting schedule. SCRATCH shooting will start on the 10th of August. In the meanwhile, a few adjustements were made on the script to balance comedy and horror more effectively.

SCRATCH is in pre-production

Casting at CAZT

After the script was doctored by Akilah Green, we entered pre-production on the 23th of June 2015. Sébastien Bizeul arrived from France to assist Tristan Convert in his creative process.

We conducted casting at CAZT after receiving 2000 applications. Call backs will start after the 4th of July.